Appointments in Norwich and Groton

Advice and Counsel

Remaining compliant with state and federal employment laws is by far the soundest approach to addressing legal issues in the workplace.  While this truism sounds simple enough, the myriad (and sometimes conflicting) obligations placed on employers can be confusing at best, and overwhelming at worst.

In addition to offering training and workshops aimed at enhancing management practices and assisting with the preparation of employment documents, our approach to working with employers includes providing individualized advice and guidance on immediate and breaking issues within the workplace.  Rather than wait until an employment issue has become the subject of a claim or lawsuit, we work with employers to assist them in navigating a course away from the rocks and toward available safe harbors.

“… obligations placed on employers can be confusing at best, and overwhelming at worst.”

Employers are well advised to obtain counsel concerning hiring, firing, benefits and disciplinary decisions, as well as with drafting or updating employee policies and handbooks – a primary source of employee expectations. This also applies to negotiating and/or crafting separation agreements when termination of an employment relationship is necessary.

COVID-19 Notice

We are closed to the public for your safety and ours, but we remain as dedicated as ever to working on our clients’ cases. In these uncertain times, we recognize that, now more than ever, employers may be in need of legal services. If your business needs legal assistance, please call us at 860-890-7212, and we will be pleased to discuss how we can be of help.