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Employment Litigation

Even the most rigorous, proactive approach to employment concerns cannot provide a guarantee against potential claims. If and when an employer is faced with an employment claim, its first step should be to determine whether insurance coverage is available to provide a defense. By quickly referring claims to the appropriate carrier, insured businesses improve the opportunity for seamless claim handling. Similarly, if no insurance coverage exists, businesses are well-served by retaining counsel as early in the process as possible. Attempting to undertake self-help measures during the initial stages of a claim can significantly undermine the effectiveness of counsel retained later in the case.


we can provide assistance in assessing how future claims might be avoided.


Brown Jacobson’s Employment Practices Group is prepared to assist companies facing claims pending with the Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities and state and federal courts.  Further, and perhaps of equal importance, we can provide assistance in assessing how future claims might be avoided.